It’s Always His Fault

My husband ran away once. How dare him not take me! So I went to truck driving school and joined him. I had only been to 6 states before I became known as Mother Trucker. Our dachshund Lolo loved seeing the US too. She pooped in every state but Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii.


Remember Myspace? I had a blog on there where I would post stories like when Doug woke the bear (me) up to see this mini-Grand-Canyon-like canyon in Arizona. Or when the ice storm hit San Antonio and alllll the trucks were escorted by State Trooper into the Kerrville WalMart and packed in like sardines for the weekend and the Red Cross came to feed us and some truckers announced one morning on the CB that they were making coffee for everybody. Good times.
















All that just tickled my wanderlust fancy. Now I’ve got this most annoying itch to see as many countries in the world as I can before I’m too old to do so. I figure I’ve got a good 20 years in me to see as many as possible. So I’m embracing… well, more like a quick friendly back pat and release… middle age and writing my own story by making every place I go, no matter how close or far, an adventure. When I’m not on a road trip, camp trip or plane somewhere, I’m on my kayak or doing a photo shoot or getting lake hair on a boat or hiking or chasing critters around my yard and posting it all on snapchat and Instagram.

Meanwhile, as I’m waiting for the Autumnal Equinox to get here to start an epic documentary of my 4 times per year survival training in the beautiful woods of Arkansas, I’m culling the shit ton of pictures I took while on the road so that I can post the best ones here on my website.

I guess maybe you’re wondering why I got off the truck. So I guess I’ll tell you! Living out of truck stops isn’t very invigorating. You can’t get the essence of our country from the Love’s and Flying J’s and rest stops… although I picked up a LOT of brochures of places I would have loved to have gone but couldn’t get to in an 18-wheeler.  So after 5 years and seeing 99.9% of all the continental states, Lolo and I went home and grew a garden and canned salsa. But the whole experience was one I’m so grateful for and proud of. I mean I’m a girl who likes pretty lacy things and I learned to drive a big rig! You never know what you’re capable of if you want it bad enough! And I wanted to travel. And I got paid for it. So that’s how the wanderlust started. You know in that Interview with the Vampire scene where Claudia first becomes a vampire and says, “I want some more?” That’s me. Next country… the Philippines.

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  1. Yesss! Can’t wait for it, Carrie! By the way your life is very inspirational. So you were a trucker! Wow! Not too long ago, I had this plan of joining my now exboyfriend on the road. He is a trucker too. We had this plan for more than a year until something came up and we went our separate ways. Ahh those truck stops, Flying J, they were like a part of my daily life for a year. I love this synchronicity. <3

  2. Thanks for Sharing Carrier I always live to see your photos and read about your adventures. I too wish to travel and I’d love to definitely see Scotland and Ireland. The Highlands have always sang to the depths of my Soul.

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