“Carrie, a new you awaits if you continue taking the steps to see the World by way of travel blogging,” said the sky last night when I went out to see the Full Moon…



Well, that’s what-looked-to-be-a-fetus-in-a-womb-in-the-clouds would say, right? If you know me, you know I’m into signs and symbolism. And synchronicities.  Yesterday I had came across Caz Makepeace’s blogpost about starting strong.   I’ve got the college education, the publications and the photography experience to get travel blogging off the ground, but oh those pesky little loud fuckers called fears… your heart knows what it wants but your brain is saying… “but look at all the other things you’ve started and failed at?” Well let me tell you something mind of mine! I learned from every one of those experiences! And it’s not about winning a medal, what I won are lessons.  There is ALWAYS always a lesson. This is where you pull your self-worth from. Watch your mouth. Take failure out of your vocabulary. If it didn’t fly off the shelves and it’s something that you want to continue pursuing, step back and see the lesson and start again.  Take a breather if healing is what you need before you make the necessary changes to try another way.  Do whatever it takes to find that determination again and plan your restart. Or pick up something else entirely new if that feels like the right thing to do. It’s up to you!


I have two loves. Well, not counting Doug. Travel and Portraiture. I’ll never give up on either. Bella Sol has KO’d me I don’t know how may times, but I get up fighting every time. No, seriously, she’s thrown such curveballs at me that it knocks the breath out of me but I’ll never hang her up. That’s how much I love photographing people.  That’s how much I believe in it. I believe people want their portraits lining their stairwells just like in the old days. Pride will never die.

Tattoos never die either.  Wanderlust is tattooed on my chest and  I intend to continue my 100 Strangers Portrait Project all over the world!  I shall follow my blisses Joseph Campbell! Next month’s Autumnal Equinox Event will prepare me for the life of my dreams.

What event you ask? I will begin a documentary series that my Mom and I tried to get going back when I was in college but, after being turned down for grants to fund it, it faded away for over 10 years. But honestly, I wasn’t mentally ready back then. Now here I am, 2 years away from half a century old and unemployed and telling midlife crisis to take a hike!  What have I got to lose? I’ve got an amazingly supportive (and handsome as hell) husband, no mortgage or Jeep payment, a kayak, and I figure I’ve got at least 20 more good years to explore the globe.  So someday somewhere somehow I found Erin and she directed me to her page where she features travel bloggers that ditched their 9 to 5’s and are living abroad. Erin jetsets the world with her husband and two children and I thought hmmmmmmm… I’m a photographer and a writer, why can’t I fulfill my dream by doing what whole family’s are doing? And then I connected with one of the couples featured on the Bender’s page (goatsontheroad) who helped set me up with WordPress and lo and behold was born. But I still have lots of work to do.

A lot of mind blowing self work. Balance my chakras, do some shinrin-yoku…





… eat only what is available to eat, visit a shaman for healing, renew the relationship with my Mom while documenting her life as a single woman who lives off an EXTREMELY modest means.  Who knows what berries you can/can’t eat from the trees or what plants are used in medicine and for what.  I’m going to share how she lives by immersing myself there for 1 week every Solstice/Equinox. So this anxiety ridden, stressed to the max, weary-of-society’s-demands flower-girl-at-heart woman will be going to woodsy Arkansas to challenge my impatience, channel the turtle and learn to slow down to Mama’s piddle-around-pace.  I will carry my rose quartz heart to assist with relearning unconditional love. For one week per quarter I will live as close to nature as is possible while still having plumbing (but no kitchen sink… eek!) and a roof over our head. There will be some jaw clenching going on while adapting to living conditions that I have felt above ever since I begged my Mom to leave me in Texas as she moved back to the mountains when I was just barely 16. But Nature always calls you back. And the Ozarks are calling me. And so is backpacking.  Along with the shedding of the leaves this Fall I will be shedding all the unnecessary stuff engrained in my brain since childhood and preparing for my 2020 goal to walk the Camino de Santiago. I also intend to visit the Philippines next year.

And now, how fitting… It is raining. I stepped onto the grass, struck a Mountain pose then hands to heart, thanked the Universe for washing away all the old negative me to make room for the new.

All this self improvement and following the Wild Woman… aka Mama… around in her natural habitat will give me the epic material to officially start my blogging career.  Stay tuned for the Grand Opening Launch the last Friday of September! Until then, I will continue to honor #blogpostfridays.

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